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Advanced Combat TYPOs

Aug 04, 2008
I'm not sure how we are suppose to send bug reports now, so while I was here, thought I'd let you know.
During the Advanced Combat tutorial you get from Diego, I noticed when he got the the part about Wards that the fire shield had -80% but the arrow bubble describing it states it will do 75% less damage. Then I realized it has the same difference when explaining the Hanging and Charm spells. They too stated 5% less than the amount shown on the card. I started to question myself then, with all three being that way, but thought no, it IS a typo , right? lol
Also, I noticed when he explains the power pips, that the cards shown as rated 3 aren't the actual 3 pip cards. Ex: Death had Skeleton (5 pip card) ; Life had Leprechaun (2 pip card) I guess it stuck out because I had chose Life school for this character and had already received the Leprechaun. So when he proceeded to explain how now the 2 pips i saw could be used as 3 if with a spell from my school, and that now I CAN use the Leprechaun spell ... I did not understand the power pips at first and now it seems like such an easy thing to understand BUT, when your totally new to all of this it can be confusing. I think if the actual 3 pip cards for each school were represented it would lessen the chance of any confusion or misunderstanding.
Also, since we're talking about Diego. A good while after I had completed the tutorial , I started on Cyclops which eventually leads to the kidnapped students quest. When Drake sends you to Ambrose, Ambrose then tells you he wants to "introduce" you to Diego. I can't remember exactly how it is phrased, but it seemed kind of silly since Diego himself popped up earlier asking me to come see him and that Ambrose was the one that felt it was time I learned some advanced combat skills. lol I know, just little thing, doesn't matter really but, it did stand out.