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Adding a grouping feature?

Dec 09, 2008
Is there anything in the works to allow players to group? It would be kind of nice. A few thoughts on it:

1. Only designate a certain percentage (like say 25%) of servers that allow grouping.

2. Allow it as a feature of pay accounts, since the free accounts can only get so far anyway.

3. Allow it to give all members of the group exp points for a battle (just maybe not as many), and gain the quest item being went after, even if one gets killed off and sent back to the home base.

4. Limit the number of the group to four, since that is all that can get into a duel, or any of the instanced areas at one time.

5. Allow the group to go into the areas, like Golem Tower, that usually only allow one person at a time, but make em work for it a little more once they're in there. Like Golem Tower, the first level only has one wood construct, if a group of three goes in, then it should pull up four wood constructs. One extra than the number of players, unless of course there are four players, then maybe a little higher health points on the constructs so that either way you have to work a little more to take them out.

6. This last is more of an everyone thing, not just groups: Allow players to trade more than just cards. I mean items and gold as well. I've had some cloaks and stuff that I've wanted to be able to give to my husband, and our friend, that I can't use because they were school specific and not for my school, but they could use. I've also wanted to be able to give some of my gold to my hubby, and vice a versa, to be able to buy items, but we can't. Maybe that should be something that can be done through true friend only, or online through email only if both parties agree to it. Or maybe jsut allow people with family accounts to be able to move gold, crowns, and items back and forth between accounts and characters. It could be something that could be done online by the parent account only, so that the parent knows what's going on.

Anyway, just my rambling thoughts.

Merry Christmas!!!

Blessed Be,


Dec 22, 2008
Other games have a "Party Search" option which basically advertises a search for people to do a quest or a mission. This would help to see who is doing what and you can join them. However the issue you brought up still remains: Grouping.

A Follow command would allow people to follow a leader and be targeted together by Bosses and various creatures. The follow command would be limited to four people in a group and to leave the group you would use a leave or disband command.

Just some thoughts.

Sep 01, 2008
a grouping feature would be a great idea for people to level up easier :P

Dec 11, 2008
I believe that a grouping system would be a wonderful implement, because it would seriously help settle the debate in the whole Zone Level requirement post. But I honestly don't want tons of people bugging me for a group, the friend requests are aggrivating already...