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Ability to share clothes bought with crowns?

Jun 04, 2008
We are allowed to make 6 chracters to play with on one account.

Is there any way you can make it so that we can share clothes and other items that we have bought with crowns, (or any other items we have, for that matter) that we spent real money to buy, between our characters?

As I experiment with different school combinations, I would hate to have to buy a set of clothes for each one of them.

As my main character moves up to a new land I will buy a new set of clothes for her. At this time I don't see that you can even sell the clothes back for crowns, only a small amount of gold in the regular shops. So then all I will be left with are some really cool expensive items sitting in the bank.

Maybe you can set it up so that all of our characters can access the same bank?

It would just be nice if I could pass the clothes along to my other characters.

Any other thoughts on this?

Sep 04, 2008
I would think this: The clothes I've bought with crowns so far don't cost THAT many crowns and are a significant power-up. I think that if I could buy a complete set for 5 or 6$ worth of crowns and use it on all my characters it would make the first 10 levels a complete cakewalk. As it is I usually buy one piece of clothing for each character and that gives them a nice edge without overpowering them.
But I do agree that being able to turn them back in for at least a partial refund or a decent chunk of in-game gold would be better. I agree that just having them sitting in your bank and being of no further use makes that 5 or 6$ seem like a bit of a waste.

Jun 27, 2008
The one prob with the Crown Items is that every 5 levels, you can get access to slightly better items.

This leaves a problem, as if you are so inclined (and also have the spare cash for it), you could buy new equpiment every 5 levels or so.

We either need the ability to sell back Crown Items for Crowns (say at 80% or so value - restocking fee) or trade them to other characters on the same account.

(It really be nice to be able to trade them between all characters on all accounts associated with the same Family Account. That way siblings can trade EQ)