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A Wand Question

Aug 31, 2014
I currently have the 'Staff of the Ancients' as my wand, which gives seven cards to choose from. There have been more times than I can count -during any battle- that it will draw seven cards, but 3 - 4 of the cards will be in gray, indicating that I can't use them.
I was just wondering if this is just normal, or if it's a flaw (since it says "gives 7 cards," shouldn't I be able to choose from any one of the seven cards that it draws me during a battle?).

Please Note: I have had this happen with any wand that I have used in the past (even ones that have said "gives 5 cards" but 2 - 3 of them would be in gray and unable to use).

Thank you.

Alura Mooncaster

Sep 06, 2010
they're grey because you dont have the pips to use them yet

and you generate pips every round
and no it doesnt mean you get to pick the cards you draw because then there is almost no point in having a discard option in the game

Dec 11, 2014
ok um those are normally ones that need more pips for and you maybe out of mana. the pips are the white dots right under your character. a power pip which is a yellow one witch counts to 2 pips to your school. you can see the amount of pips needed to cast a spell in the top left part of the spell that has a number ranging from 0 to 10 and to get more pips you can either pass a round or cast a zero pip spell. I really hoped helped

Sep 07, 2011
The "Flash" card from the wand can always be used, but your spell cards (Scarab, Scorpion, Pixie, Locust Swarm, etc) will require pips. Cards turn grey when you don't have enough pips to use them, or if you run out of mana (the blue glow). Filling up mana (by catching wisps) and waiting a round for a pip will solve those problems.

Oct 09, 2011
If a spell card is grey, you don't have enough pips or mana to cast it. If the grey cards are 0-pip spells from the wand, it's a bug. If they're not from the wand, you probably have too few pips or too little mana.