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A star for damage

Oct 04, 2013
I started a balance wizard, I;m up to level 14

I have a hood with 3 damage
A cloak with 4 damage
and a pet with 4 damage

But my wizard stats says 6 with a star or an asterisk in the balance damage box.

I tryed unequiping the pet and the cloak which leaves me with 3 damage from my hood and the damage balance box just has the star in it or an asteriskits its small can't see it very well.

Yes both the hood and the cloak are balance damage, the pet has proof damage.

Thanks for any insight


Jun 30, 2010
I started a new storm wizard the other day and I noticed this as well, and its also with my life wizard. I've been playing with my level 89 fire, and this isn't a problem for him. I think one of the updates caused lower level wizards to have this happen to them?

Sep 19, 2013
This is a glitch caused when you equip gear that gives you a set damage boost, i.e.+3 damage, rather than a percent boost like +3%.

Sep 07, 2011
It isn't a glitch. The * means you have a gear item that gives a fixed damage boost like +3 as well as one that gives a %. You'll get the % boost shown plus the extra, but there isn't space to display all that so instead of 4% + 3 it just shows 4* or whatever.

Feb 23, 2013
This isn't glitch, I send a bug when this happen to me and Kingsles told me that it a different kind of damage, it still work as damage but it not showing that all.