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A problem in Waterworks

Dec 08, 2012
Lately, I've been helping my friend farm for the Waterworks gear. When we reach the first puzzle, we get to working on it right away but for some reason, even though all of the blue oysters seem to be open, the enemies come (and often times, I'm the only one that gets pulled in). Why is the enemies showing up and pulling me in if all the blue oysters and only the blue oysters are open? One moment it's looking like we had all the blue oysters open on time and then the next moment, the enemies show up and I get into battle. If anyone else is experiencing this, please mention it.

Also, at Luska, for some, when I cast my Spirit Traps on Luska, Luska does nothing but get a rid of the Life Trap BUT when my friend puts Elemental Traps on Luska, he casts the Skeletal Dragon on her and THEN removes the Storm Trap. Why is Luska attacking my friend when she casts Elemental Traps but he doesn't attack me when I cast Spirit Traps? This makes absolutely no sense at all. I don't understand why my friend is being attacked when she casts her Elemental Traps but I'm not. I'm Death and She's Ice just in case you was wondering. Has anyone else recognized this odd behavior recently? We are not casting any single traps at all. If other people are also experiencing these 2 problems, then tell me the problems and include any other problems you might be experiencing in the Waterworks dungeon. If other people are experiencing this 2 problems that I mentioned, then Kingsisle should really look into this...

Aug 18, 2011
The clam puzzle has been glitchy for months. It has been reported here before, but not fixed.

Sometimes it works right, but about 1/3 of the time we do the puzzle right but still get the fight. It seems like the timer doesn't stop running even when the correct clams are open. So we stand there looking at the finished puzzle until it times out & pulls us into a fight. Frustrating.

Jun 27, 2013
I'm going to try to address your two issues...

Issue 1... Blue oysters.

Are you using the method of entering and leaving the room, then sending the other person in to open the oysters, while the timer is frozen??
If not, then there is a very short timer. there's a chance that you've simply not managed to open all the oysters in time, causing the MOB to spawn, an dif you're central to the spawn point, while your friend is furthest away, you may be getting drawn in.
This is only speculation, however, it could be your issue.

Issue 2... Trappin gLuska.

Only the person who is marked with the minus to percision(Player in slot 1) can attack Luska with any single attacks. The traps you're using, Spirit and Elemental, are a single trap, even though there are three of them, it's a single person attack, as it does not hit ALL enemies.
If your partner is in slot 2, an dtrapping without being smokescreened, they would feel the full reprocussions of the attack. Being in the smokescreened position, Luska only removes the trap set on him, in the case of spirit trap, it's the life trap, as it's the last one to manifest.

Once again, these are only my way of seeing it, and I welcome any other theories.

Sep 17, 2012
The timer on the Oysters is picky, I've had the same thing happen sometimes too. As for Luska, it's because your friend must have placed a trap before being "inked". Only "inked" members of the party can cast single target spells on him without getting the dragon. Both Spirit and Elemental are single target, the only difference is you were standing in the first spot and therefore "inked".

Feb 21, 2011
I also have experienced the problem with the clams. I got all of the blue ones open, and then the battle still pulled me in. This is a large loss because I was really counting on those health pips before Luska... Please fix this KingsIsle!!! :)

Michael Goldenflame, Lvl 95