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A possible obscure bug report

Aug 20, 2008
Here's the setup:

Three of us are in Sunken City. After the usual shenanigans, we end up at the first tower. We all run in and I manage to get the book without getting aggro, BUT I got aggroed on the way out.

One teammate stayed to help. The other ran out and disappared into the instance someplace.

As we're fighting, time passes and then I start seeng "quest goal complete" messages. The other teammate had gotten tired of waiting and talked to Marla Starlinger(sp?).

Here's where the bug happens:

The two of us in battle were on the last wraith. I'd cut it close to the wire and was pulling a pixie from my sideboard. There was at least ten seconds on the turn clock. I know this because it was still yellow, even though I can't say what the actual value was.

Before I could click my card, I sawa bunch of "goal complete" messages. The other teammate had gone to the gate and opened it. My turn ended immediately, despite the remaining time on the turn clock. I passed, by virtue of not having chosen a card, and was summarily defeated.

I'm positive about the time remaining on the turn clock, so I figured I'd let you know. If it's a real bug and not just a case of my seeing what I expected to see, well, good luck with it. I'm guessing it's a weird one. *heh*