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A monster arena?

Sep 22, 2008
This popped into my head while i was in the arena.Two minions were killing each other,so why not we have a monster arena?You Basically are in a "fight" getting pips until you summon a special monster card.It then takes you and onlookers to bleachers once both teams have a monster.(note there can be 2 monsters and 2 people,as the monster goes into a circle-thing.)

The monsters then attack with spells and the winning team either

A:wins a copy of the enemy monster
B:100-200 gold,depends how many monsters
C:Treasure cards
D:clothing(pets and jewelry too)
E:A kind of clothing that lasts for a certain amount of time(i.e 24 hours,48 hours,72 hours or 96 hours.It is marked in your backpack by a pocket watch

Reply what you think about this!

Aug 02, 2008
I think this is great we could work on badges and give the player that are waiting on the the new would something to do