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A Match Selection Bug

Dec 31, 2008
... has me locked out of any wizard matches!

I ("Darby Drake") played a couple of rounds partnered with this other girl named Destiny. After our second match together, the selection software refuses to separate us! I have tried deselecting the match manually, choosing a new match, setting one up as a friend -- and even logging off, then logging back in, and the computer still thinks I should be paired with Destiny!

Not that she's a bad fighter, mind you. We did win the two matches we were in. It's just that the computer is also locked in the "finding other partners" mode of it's subroutine -- despite the fact that it also says we're a two-person team!

So the fact of the matter is, as long as I'm stuck with Destiny, I'm effectively locked out of the arena. And probably Destiny is too.

I did buy one of the new pets (a Jade Oni) today. I was wondering if that might have had anything to do with it. I tried deselecting her too; but that had no effect on the situation.

I just thought you should know. Thanks!

Nov 27, 2008
I also have a problem today with pvp. I loged on and found that I could not join any pvp teams, my name does not show up when trying to join ranked or click on a team in practice pvp. I tryed to log out and back on, but it still will no longer let me pvp at all.

Feb 09, 2009
Drake I am having pretty much the same problem, except that I am not paired with anyone. Can't get into any matches though, system just loops while looking for a team to join in step 2.

Dec 27, 2008
I also have a similar problem. I was entered in a ranked match 3 v 3 and I decided to leave and join another. I can leave the match, but every time I try to join another ranked match or practice match, the old original team I joined and left pops up again. I can't leave that team to join any other matches. Please help or advise if this bug is being addressed.