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A few new bugs

Jan 11, 2012
Ok, so here's a few bugs I've seen in the past few days, one I saw starting today.

1) Whenever I leave my main wizard in my home, he ends up starting up again in the commons/Ravenwood. When I go to my classroom to choose my wizard, it SAYS "Home", but it's not home clearly.

2) Today, I noticed that you can't use the enter/return key to sell items. it just brings up the chat window. Let me explain what I do so you understand:

A) Go to the bazaar
B) Go to sell an item
C) When it brings up the "are you sure you wanna sell this" window, hit either enter/return on your keyboard. it USED to accept it, but now the ONLY way to accept is to click.

If you're like me, somebody who gets a TON of gear, that takes a LONG time to sell click by click. I read the updates with the new world and saw nothing like these posted on the known issues.

3) I have a panther mount, always equipped, but in the last day or two, I've noticed in my house, it's always unequipped. (This seems to have been fixed at the moment, but I'd love to hear an official word on it)

I just closed the game while being in my home and on my panther. Now it's keeping him mounted, but has him just at the entrance to the Commons.

Aug 02, 2012
First one I can help.

I've also leave my wizard in my home and the game teleports you to commons or so ever.