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A few ideas

Jan 24, 2009
1) Once a fight is full of people, would it be possible to have those who jump in the middle to take damage from the monsters too? I just think it would be neat that you could take damage from messing with the monsters.

2) As leveling, bushier eyebrows, new eye or hair color options? Show the hat option, so that the hat could disappear and see the head? How about head tattoos or jewelry? Something to show power lvl

3) I still think a world of giants where everything is huge could be fun. (Giant vegetable garden with bugs is a must)
How about the world of myth where we would travel through zones of unseen mythical connections?
A world where the fairy tales come to life?

4) A spell for each class trainable only, that has the flavor of the world. Maybe the spell is just for fun. Like myth could turn everyone in the group into trolls with 1% myth resistance and 30/turn regen? Okay that isn't just for fun, but every class for every world. That spell could be for the first world.

5) Combo spells? The group could trigger effects through combining spells?

6) Channeling spells? While channeling damage is reduced or maybe increased, but an effect takes place for all party members, or all enemies, maybe at higher lvls both good and bad.

7) Chain-casting bonuses for casters...Maybe make sequences that trigger certain random effects for each spell school. Shield + Dam. Boost + Shield = + 25 hps or + 15 shield + 10 damage, or maybe a minor elemental strike to your enemy etc....the shorter the chain, the weaker the effect, the longer the chain the stronger...

Jan 24, 2009
I forgot a few ideas.

1) I like the idea of the gear on the vendors changing every month. It keeps the game fresher. My daughter has noticed a pattern and is excited about a pet bunny with a basket of colored eggs.

2) I like that Zeke moved. I think he should change his location every month to keep us on our toes. I would like to see other NPC's change their locations too. Maybe they aren't always available. Maybe they are only available at certain times.

3) How about some invisible bridges to get to "secret" locations for special vendors. I have noticed in a few of the first world there are places where it seems like there might be an invisble bridge, but there isn't.

4) How about crowns in chests instead of gold?

5) How about minor one time potions that could be used during combat?

6) How about some different colored pips. Maybe on that can only be used on secondary spells (occuring at half the rate of the primary pips?) Maybe another colored pip that increases the effect of the spell you are casting or a pip that you can pass on to enemies that decreases the effect of the spells they are about to cast?

7) How about some super spells or group spells, which when they fizzle, they take everyone's pips too!

8) How about some areas that can only be accessed when someone else is doing something: standing on a spot to weight it down, thus lifting you or a door, or holding a lever, etc.

9) More simple lessons in the quests, not too preachy but the "he is staring at me" "Oh, I didn't mean to offend but I am wondering why.." types of quest lines.

Dec 02, 2008
2) If you want to show off that you're high level, try wearing high level gear, or wearing your level-based title.

4) Every class already has several cards unique to that class and unobtainable by any other. Quest reward cards are generally this way, except for Pixie.

5) If they're powerful and content is tuned assuming you won't use the combo skills, they'd make it trivial, which is a bad thing. If tuned assuming you do use the combo skills, that would make trying to find groups quite a pain, as you wouldn't merely need to grab other people at random, but would need particular other classes.

7) Damage is already partially random, and chaining together traps, blades, and the like is already quite powerful, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Feb 14, 2009
Add "Critical Hits Chance" where this would be a % chance to increase the current Damage and/or Healing values of the current spell as it is cast. A Critical Hit might have a random effect such as increased the value by some amount at could scale with the character level. The effect could also be a special buff/debuff depending on the target and the caste, where you could get 5% damage on the next spell, 10% damage reduced on next incoming attack that hits you, or maybe it only consumes half of the Pips used in casting the spell.

Lots of possibilities here and the effects could even be linked to effects on items (or maybe just found on one item type).

Feb 14, 2009
1.) Have special titles for playing minigames.
-If you place in the top 10 high scores of a minigame you get a special title available for you or possibly a star by your character name for all to see.

2.) Have special rewards for playing minigames.
-Each time you play a minigame you can earn "Minigame Tickets" which can be spent on unique items not available to be purchased in other ways.
-Tickets could be given out in addition to the mana, gold, and other item rewards already in place. The number of tickets could be linked to the bronze-silver-gold ranking of the 4 reward slots already seen at the end of each minigame.

3.) Have a special minigame-of-the-week contest where all games of a certain minigame are compared and tracked in a separate high score for the week list and at the end of the week the top 10 winners get a special prize or a bunch of Minigame Tickets or something like that.
-Other types of contests based around minigames could be a lot of fun and add fun to an existing area of the game that can get old after a while.