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2 hours to get 4 rings not happy at all.

Jul 05, 2008
I do not know if it was a bug or not but I really did not enjoy my game playing last night and was so not happy.

Goal get 4 rings from O'leary burglars. My hubby and I played. He got 2 I got none. We had to fight many games he got 4 I got 1. And the fact that there a so few burglars where we where made it more frustrating. And yes I would be the one to kill them and he would focus on the rat hooligans. I even changed realms.

I played no lie 8 games in a row. I thought my quest was busted. I went back to the character to check by maybe clicking on him it would do something.

Guess What he had no question mark above his head. Nothing but it said I had 1 of 4 rings.

Well Hubby who completed his quest and was carrying the rings around gave back the rings. I was able to get 1 more then 4 games later another and finally he took too hooligans while I captured a Burglar by himself and got the last ring.

We played this one quest for 2 hours. That was a waste of a night and not fun at all.

So what was it with this game. Bug or this was not fixed with the others when you said that you have to fight less to get items.

If it is the second plz fix it. Should not take 2 hours to get 4 rings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 05, 2008
i usually just completely skip this quest due to the lengthy time it takes :-(

Sep 03, 2008
Aug 23, 2008
I had the same problem. What did the trick for me was moving further to where the map said the burglars were. At the very beginning you can find them too, but i defeated 6-8 of them and got no rings. When i went to the place where the map said they were, it went a lot quicker. Same burglars tho, same rank, but for some reason the ones at the start didn't count.
What makes it weird is your Hubby did get them at that same spot. I fully agree it's random weither you will get the ring or not. But i believe they should add a counter, if you killed some of them the odds of finding one should become higher and higher. Otherwise you might end up in a loosing streak.

May 24, 2008
I am sure glad to see this thread! Yesterday, I was so angry after spending hours doing this same quest, I sent the following message to Support.
Once again, I have spent an INORDINATE of time trying to complete the quest to get Four Rings from O’Leary Burglars in Hyde Park. I commented on this quest during beta, and also posted about it on the message boards – as did others. I have played it now with 3 different wizards and it has been TERRIBLE every time.

Here’s a play-by-play:
Battle #1 – 1 Burglar = 0 rings
Battle #2 – 2 Burglars = 0 rings
Battle #3 – 2 Burglars = 0 rings
Battle #4 – 2 Burglars = 0 rings
{A friend joined me at this point}
Battle #5 – 3 Burglars = 1 ring
Battle #6 – 3 Burglars = 0 ring
Battle #7 – 1 Burglar = 1 ring
Battle #8 – 3 Burglars = 0 rings
Battle #9 – 3 Burglars = 0 rings
Battle #10 – 3 Burglars = 1 ring
Battle #11 – 3 Burglars = 0 rings
Battle #12 – 3 Burglars = 1 ring

I do not expect every mob to drop an item, but this ratio is RIDICULOUS! What's more, it is NOT FUN! I am very disappointed that KingsIsle apparently did not take the comments made by myself and others about this quest seriously enough to fix it.

I have received two replies back, saying they are "looking into this issue". I certainly hope so!

Aug 02, 2008
hbeatbaby wrote:
i usually just completely skip this quest due to the lengthy time it takes :(

You can't skip it because you an not advance any farther until you do!
Unless you know someone who has already done these quests.
This area is still bugged IMHO, so Im at a stand still until fixed.
(thought they fixed the AI's so that would adjust to who they where fighting , guess not)
I'm a balance/storm wizard and them MOBs are of the same school as I.
so even with help which makes it even worse! cause 4 mobs instead of 2
or I should say I die that much quicker. Grrr.

Plus the 'All cards Greyed out' bug is getting worse! IMHO:
There SHOULD at least 1 wand or staff card in your hand at ALL times.

Sep 03, 2008
Actually, I killed 4 or so at the first place and got no rings, moved in to the marked location, got 3 rings in an hour and a half and finally went back to the first location and finished off the quest in another 2 kills.
I would say the drops are random and set too low but I doubt the location is important.

May 22, 2008
I had the same issue pre-wipe. I'm only at Colossus right now, and I had a similar situation occur with the Cyclops monocle. I had to defeat cyclops for well over an hour before I hit upon the 'right' cyclops! I was not happy, to say the least. The last time I had this same quest, I fought cyclops until there were none left to fight, changed realms, and fought some more. Personally, it totally stinks that we need to defeat so many for a single, or in your case four, items.

Aug 09, 2008
that happened to me too last night.

i defeated about 32 o leary burgulars. not exaggerating either, to get my 4 rings, took me over an hour

Aug 02, 2008
Hyde Park's MOBs are TOO HARD!!! I'm a 30 level balance wizard
and I Die almost every time ( hence my high level ) I'm sick of it
frankly. I can not advance any farther in this game because
to get the other areas open I need to finish the quests in this
impossible area. BTW; I even have tried my minion to help to no avail.
and getting a few friend to help just makes me die even faster.
and I STILL have 9+ burglers to kill and haven't even gotten to the rings

Jul 05, 2008
I am so glad you all share my pain as I can see this is not a bug it is a a developer issue. I am so glad my hubby had finished and was there to cheer me on. I was getting so upset thought of throwing my lap top that is how annoying it was. But if I threw it I would not be able to play wizard at all rofl. So no point to that.

Plz fix this so that many others are not near tears this is to be challenging and fun, not discouraging, boring, and deflating.