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1,000,000 GOLD

Sep 02, 2008
It is very annoying to be constantly reminded that my gold bag is full and cannot hold anymore. (I am level 45) Perhaps if there was something worth buying I would spend it?

Jul 31, 2008
Is there the posibility of changing gold into Crowns? Obviously not a 1-1 ratio but maybe something like 100 gold for 5 crowns. Something very small but helpfull when you find that you have too much gold and nothing to do with it.

Jul 15, 2008
A more of a 100 gold - 1 crown would be the lowest they would possibly go I believe so 100,000 gold would be 1000 crowns. People Do spend money on them so making them so easy to ge would be a rip off

Personally I dont like that idea at all but I would prefer :

1,000,000 Gold Limit
500-1,000 Item Limit.

It seems so small and when collecting all the clothes you might need and rings, swords, wands of different schools, crown gear, special holiday items, pets and everything else then I really do believe the item limit should be around 500-1000 and MANY people hit the 100,000 limit and have nothing to spend it on and some just like to save or wait for new worlds for items there. So it would be great to increase it.

Jul 31, 2008
Of course, the best thing would be for them to expand the inventory so that we can be able to buy more things

Aug 04, 2008
Agreed, Having Zeke's 3 step message popping up over and over is beyond annoying! I can't suggest you buy clothes or equipment, nothing better than you have or can get from a battle. You CAN however just not click on the Zeke pop up and let it stay on the right hand side of your screen. In order to just get rid of some gold, rename your pets, dye your clothes and or pets .. even if at the end of it you dye/name them what they were to start with. (lol .. nothing to show for what you spend but Zeke's off your back ) OR I also buy lots of tough and keen eye, go over to unicorn way and make treasure cards to give away to friends. Buy some of the tri-shield treasure cards .. they can come in handy.

Buy Crowns with Gold? LOL NEVER gonna happen! So no need wasting any hopes on that. If they want to charge you for holiday festivities, they surely arent going to let you buy crowns with gold. No money in it for them that way. After all, what it's all about!