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+% damage on cloths now working correctly

May 10, 2009
Just as the title says the + damage bonus on clothing is currently not working correctly. This is best tested with abilities like ghoul/vampire that have a set amount of damage they do.

I have 2 ghouls as a death wizard.

160 damage ghoul from my school
180 damage ghoul from neck.

The problem is this.

I have 10% damage on clothing but when I do a 160 damage ghoul it only does 168 damage. If I use my 180 damage ghoul it only does 190.

So anyone that understands basic math can see whats wrong here.

Under these circumstances in my gear I should be doing

160 damage ghoul = 176 damage
180 damage ghoul = 198 damage

Also note this is on a target without any blades/traps and targets that do not resist death spells.

I should probably take off my gear and test that the traps/blades are functioning correctly too.