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Your Fave Area in Grizzleheim? :)

Jul 18, 2010
Hi everyone just wondering what is ur fave area in grizzleheim and why? What did you really enjoy about your fave area? Stavarstaad pass, Vigrid roughland, mirkholm keep, or ravenscar? Mine is probably between mirkholm keep and ravenscar. I like mirkholm keep because of the wolf and near war theme sorta. It's really pretty there too , I especially like the caves there! I like ravenscar because its beautiful, and a bit challenging . I like the ravens too, AND ravenscar wraps up grizzleheim so that means wintertusk!!!

Apr 24, 2013
I'm totally in love with Nidavellir! I'd love do have a wizards home that looks like that :D

Sep 09, 2012
Mirklhom keep, wolves are my fave.
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 58

May 06, 2009
I actually like Northgaurd the most. I love Worlds that have edges where if you're not careful you could plundge right off the edge. Northgaurd has this absouletly gorious view of the night-morning sky that I just adore, every time I go there. I'll just robe around the village and gaze at the clouds as they travel by.