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yard birds

Oct 23, 2009
i really need help finding the yard birds because i havent even found the first one.
so i would like if anyone could give me directions to find them :-) 8)

May 04, 2009
Here you go:

Northguard: go to Bjorn Ironclaw. Walk behind him and turn left on the ramp. Go to the end of the ramp.

Svarstaad: In Webwood, behind the big hollow log with the webs inside. There is a grassy path to follow. Go to the top of the path.
And the other one is behind Shattertusk's hut in the Boars Camp.

Vigrid Roughland: one in behind a tree in the berry patch near the brook.
And one is behind the lost bear Hans. Follow the grassy path that is behind Hans. Go to the end of the path at the top of that hill.

Mirkholm Keep: one is in the lower right hand cave, where you go to fight Munin. The second is in a VERY SMALL ALCOVE in the very middle of the whole cave system. If you look at your map, the small alcove is exactly between Herkir and Hyglak Shadowstalker on the map. (Near the Grendel worthlings in the cave)

Ravenscar: to the left of The Citadel after you have defeated the Helephant. (not too sure about this one: haven't made it this far yet, but someone told me this.) Also, go to the entrance of wood ramps. Take the ramp on the right. Stay to your right and go up to the Cave Golems. Stay right and take second Tunnel. Take a left and follow to end. Yardbird is there (? I hope.)

Helgrin Warren: (dungeon). This is one of the three rooms in Nidaveliir. Yardbird is far left in the Storm Room. (not sure. haven't been there yet.)