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World Map Sign Adjustment

May 06, 2009
For some time now, the Grizzlehiem & Wintertusk World Map signs have been very off. The arrows are pointing to all the wrong places. If the signs that read "Mirkholm Keep" or "Frostholm" or "Savaarstad Pass" are suppose to hover over the areas, then can the arrows be removed? Only the "Frostholm" sign arrow can really stay. Nidavellir sign is completely fine and doesn't need much adjustment but is it possible to move it up just a tad bit?

As for Wintertusk, the signs are overall ok, but "Sudrilund" sign is pointing to the wrong area. It's currently pointing to the ice mountains at are in Norilund when Sudrilund is the trees that rest on the ice.

In fact, can the map be adjusted to the old layout that is found online? Just add "Nastrond" next to where "Sudrilund" sign is as indicated on that Map.

Much appreciation if this change can be made in a future update