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:wintertusk: x-tream work for a team

Nov 27, 2010
the wintertusk realm has a truck load of xp and other things! the realm is littered with silver chests, chests, reagents, and the best of all, good music The second best part is the amazing gear you get there! the boots give you shields, the robes give you dispels, and the hats give you amazing spells that attack all the enemies! not to mention the block and critical there But what tops it all is the quests. the amazing amount, and it does not matter wt lvl you are to get wintertusk! The first couple of quests alone gives more than 20.000 xp but you might need friends, it is hard

Jul 18, 2010
I cannot wait to get to wintertusk!!!!!! I gives soooooo much Xp I heard and great gear and awesome awards!!! Wintertusk sounds like a wonderland !! Can't wait!! Not only that but grizzleheim is my favorite world. I love the forest theme it reminds me of woodland creatures and magical stories . Wintertusk is so cool but hard I see cause I ported to a friend there lol

Nov 27, 2010
it sounds like You really can't wait to get there. i just finished it and am really sad about it but i can say i started at level 47 and am now at level 58, so it is good.

connor lightbreaker lvl 58

look for me in the game!