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Wintertusk problems!

May 05, 2009
Ok, So I try and go to Wintertusk at the port in Grizzleheim and it does nothing.. I'm like well I beat Grizzleheim so..Whats up?! I'm very upset with this because its keeping me from doing what I need to do, Even though I'm a Legendary Wizard (Diviner). So, recently I've heard things like "Blood Brothers" and "Cold News" I do recall doing this but my memory of this is faint, So I ask that who ever answers this (I suggest Administration only) but if your my level and know what your talking about and its not just a repitition of what others have said which is "Maybe you didn't do those quests" then I'd like to ask that you don't answer. However, If you know who gives those quests I listed above "Blood Brothers" and or "Cold News" Please reply with the answer!

(Kyle Legendreamer Level 60 Diviner Subscriber)

The Gurtok Barrier Demon will give you the following quests in this order:

Dusty Roads
A Fistful of Feathers
Blood Brother

Once you have completed Blood Brother, talk to Merle Ambrose to get the quest Cold News.

Feb 13, 2011
well i have some problems with wt, when i go to fight aurek the mighty, he walks out of the dungeon, its very annoying cause then i have to go out then in again and he does the same thing, then me and my friend helping me saw it and the minion stayed in his spot, we decided to fight the minion and aurek appeared in battle, plz fix the bug of where aurek leaves the dungeon, the quest helper even points outside the dungeon then inside again(it points to the wall then when you leave it points inside again)
plz fix this w101(i am a legendary now yay me :D) i beat aurek but just incase i fight him again or for others plz fix it