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Wintertusk hard for ice people

Aug 19, 2010
Hey guys you know WinterTusk the new world for grizzleheim? Yeah it's great but I am a ice wizard and Wintertusk is really hard there are really way too many ice bosses that I can't because, i can only fit 8 prisms into my deck making me half to kill enemies in 8 hits or else I can't attack or do anything.

All I ask is anyone have tips on doing WinterTusk as a ice wizard?

Please reply thanks!

Hunter legendsmith level 75 transcendent ice wizard

Feb 12, 2011
I soloed my Ice in WT when she was around level 60. It was not easy - but you have a few things you have that I didn't since you are at a higher level.

First, I would be more patient and set up for larger hits, instead of a lot of small ones. I never pack more than 4 or 5 converts, and usually discard half of them.

You have mammoth (I assume) - and have you trained the sun spell enchantments? Mammoth and Colossal go great together - even Garg is good if you haven't been to the drum jungle yet. (at level 75, I would assume you have been through ZF?) Get your convert up and then start stacking blades and traps. I trained death to feint for just this reason - easy way to boost big, and I can often blow right through a tower and still land decent damage.

I would avoid using our DoT spells (angel, frostbite) unless you have infallible up - just too much resist. (Although frostbite is a great shield breaker - it is hard to set your converts for the large hits if you are waiting for frostbite to end)

Try to get rid of the minions as quickly as you can - once you are 1v1 against the boss, it is much easier to handle. I will use blizzard or frost giant to knock out the minion and get a little damage on the boss as well. Then I can focus just on the boss.

You are a tank - a few shields and combined with your health, you should have enough time to go a few rounds, build your pips and hit big - the most successful Ices I know have mastered blade stacking and can do major damage in one hit.

Last note - Not that I would recommend it for this specifically, but have you trained reshuffle? That would solve the problem with not having enough converts. I keep one in my deck for emergencies - since I run a short deck with less than 20 cards for questing - but I almost never need it.

Good Luck!

Aug 19, 2010
Yes i have mammoth and all those spells and the sun spells, and most of the celestia spells, the bosses in Wintertusk are so annoying in fact after a while of getting defeated i always have to call friends to help, what would help is if they made Nastrond easier because, more than half of the bosses are ice! As for frostbite I never use it though, I stock up on elemental blade, elemental trap, feint, ice trap, and ice blade and of course the boss ends up on putting a shield up. Lastly Wintertusk almost took my more than half the year to beat, I can handle Grizzleheim but not Wintertusk it's all I can say, blizzard I only use that sometime to take down all the towers if the enemies are all ice like those ice bugs in Mirror Lake, but the shields come back up, and lastly for mammoth I only use that in boss fights or with very strong minions, the only boss I could beat ever was FrostBranch. So KI please make it easier, I even heard that fire and storm wizards can pretty much solo Wintertusk, but please make a little change!