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Why me!?

Jun 11, 2009
i have recently defeated the coven in grizzleheim. i then talked to valgard goldenblade then i talked to Merle Ambrose.here comes the strange part :( .when i went to talk to valgard goldeblade,he gave me the reward for my quest but didnt give me my next quest! yes i defeated the coven.(by my self because every body hates me). I also did not cheat anywhere in grizzleheim.i finished ALL my grizzle quests(including the yardbird quest).But still no luck.Please help me jared stormblade lvl49 diviner. by the way this is the first time i have ever used the boards so please tell me if im doing it incorrectly.

Jun 14, 2009
The coven is the end of the story for Grizzleheim. Once you beat them and talk with the king, he thanks you for all your services, gives you the reward, tells you that your name will be marked in their history as one of the greatest heros and sends you home. There isn't anything else after that.