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why is everyone hating wintertusk?

Feb 20, 2010
why is everyone saying wintertusk is so hard? I have so far soloed to nordrilund and haven't lost one battle at all. I think it's just hard enough, not to easy not to hard, just right. I respect everyones opinion but i don't get why some people think it's so hard. Can some people respond and give me a list of why it's so hard? thanks.

Feb 24, 2009
It's hard if you're ice, if you're fire you breeze right through it.

Kennth Frostwalker: Grandmaster Thaumaturge

Jun 10, 2009
Actually, based on what I've seen, the majority of people enjoy wt. (including me )I would say that 70-85% of the 15,000,000 players of this game enjoy it.
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer

Mar 18, 2009
It really depends on level. Legendaries (which there more of going through Wintertusk) have an easier time, than wizards at 35 or 40.

Aug 12, 2009
kckool wrote:
It's hard if you're ice, if you're fire you breeze right through it.

Kennth Frostwalker: Grandmaster Thaumaturge

I think this is about right. The shielding ice monsters are annoying and can be tough if you plan on just one-hit killing your way through the area.

Still, with the many people playing, it shouldnt be too hard to find a wizard or two to join.

Devin Darksong – lvl 60 Death
Digby Darksong – lvl 60 Life
Duncan Darksong –lvl 60 balance
Dylan Darksong –lvl 60 Storm
Dustan Darksong –lvl 60 Myth
Dolan Darksong –lvl 60 Ice

Nov 17, 2010
if you have all crafted clothes from CL and a crown wand like the life blade, there is nothing in wintertusk for you.

I ended up selling and trowing most of it in the trash, i kept some cause they do sell for a lot.

so just an fyi, I'm a level 60 balance, i went into wintertusk, beat it and came out with only a new pet, everything else is sold for coins. the new healing spell is cool, the new dispels cards i hardly use unless is a boss.

Apr 30, 2010
My son's ice wizard is having a hard time. So my life wizard is helping him even though she has already gone through the areas he's in. 99% of the bosses are ice.

Jul 22, 2009
Wow, I'm ice and breezed right through it with very little help. You just have to stock up on conversion cards. :)

I love wintertusk. I'm don't get why people are having such a hard time with it either.

Jan 18, 2011
First, everthing out there has a hater second if they didnt like it they dont have to play it and third, does the final battle really drop ice mastery if farmed? i have found fire death life balance and myth mastery amulets but... cant find the one i need lol
also to KI the new world is great so is everything else ty for letting me add giant strong ect to my drain spells it really helps in a tight situation, so when do yopu guys think you will raise level cap and add a legendary world that allows you to level up to ... ready for this EPIC maybe level 75 with some new spells maybe 2 all new spells from 60 - 75 and one spell upgrade that allows you to choose which spell is upgraded for example wraith 500hp to epic wraith 750 hp base or skeletal pirate ect allow us to choose which spell we need upgraded, i was dissapointed however with getting dark pact, didnt need to beat myself up for a blade and then hoping i would get something cool as an upgrade and getting the upgraded plague was ok i guess but no new spell really but it did save me a few times ty again
flint silverblood (wishing it could be epic like my pet) legendary necromancer

Aug 01, 2009
I don't see many people hating it at all.. For everyone who complains there is 2 or 3 giving KI glories for it..

I love wintertusk and think it's genius.. so really not everyone hates it..

You are seeing the complainers & assuming everyone hates it but they don't.. The few you see complaining are that- just a few..

Wintertusk is loved by many who like a good fun challenge..

Jan 28, 2011
i think wontertusk is very easy, and i'm not even legondary. I think the main reason why people dont like wintertusk is because of all the ice bosses and most people are already legondary so they dont get any experance to level up.

seth jadeleaf, level 50 life.