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Where do I go next?

Jun 24, 2009
I just beat Frostholm, and after it told me to talk to the bear the is in the begining of Vigrid Roughland. After it told me to talk to Iornclaw (the guy next to where the king is), so I talked to him. After nothing happened. I've gone back and looked for other stuff to do but there is nothing else for me to do. Am I missing something? What do I have to do to move on in Grizzleheim?

Areas of Grizzleheim are level specific.

While you are on Baldur Goldpaw's assignment, you can use the boat behind him to travel to Grizzleheim.

Once you have completed Baldur Goldpaw's assignment, and you are over level 20, speak to Merle Ambrose.

If you are under level 20, you will need to wait until you have reached that level before you can enter Grizzleheim again.

When you are Level 25 you will be able to begin the quest Lending a Paw.

When you are Level 30 you will be able to begin the quest Full Grizzle Jacket.

When you are Level 40 you will be able to begin the quest The King and I.