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what level should i start grizzleheim at?

May 06, 2011
just got finished with krokotopia and now i got two options go toward marleybone or grizzleheim, or do both same time switching occasionally.

may be a odd question but will grizzleheim or marleybone be better fit for me?
im a lvl28 life/ice also if that has any impact.
any advice appreciated

Dec 24, 2010
i don't think you should go yet. it's best to go at level 35 that's what i would do. i started around level 28 and i died a lot of times. but if you really want to go at level 28 you should bring a partner.

Apr 30, 2010
My life wizard has been doing GH on and off since level 20. She finally finished it at 59. I decided that my other wizards weren't going to do it until Wintertusk came out.
My death is working on it right now and she's a level 43. It's much easier to wait until you are a higher level.