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What level Is Best for Grizzleheim?

Oct 23, 2010
Thanks, I am currently level 21.
So what levels are best for Grizzleheim/WinterTusk?
I am always Defeated by these Spiders and A lot of the rank four Enemies.
But I do not want to be defeated by Grendels, Spiders, and Deep Woods Imps.
So what armor do I need, What Weapons, What pets would be best
( Obtainable in Krokotopia, and Wizard City)? Man, do I need some help!
Plus, I am on the mission that Einer Gives you in the campsite in SaavarStaad
Pass in GrizzleHeim. If I complete that mission and get the Weapon for Defeating Grendels also good for Defeating spiders Because I am Having Bad luck.

Jul 03, 2010
I tend to pace my self with Grizzlehiem and enter there around level 30-35 doing one area at a time - returning to my regular questing world to level up, you won't be able to continue to Ravenscar until you are level 40 and you usually do not level at all while questing in Grizzlehiem.

The Jotun fight is quite intense to be able to go to Ravenscar so I maybe level 50 before I get to that. I usually move onto Wintertusk at level 55 or so which does give experience, keeping in mind a lot of the monsters can use critical and I usually don't have much block at that level so help maybe needed with the boss fights.

Oct 24, 2010
I would say level 35 and up. You don't need to got here until level 35 for the spell anyway, and by that time you can pretty much breeze through the 'qualifying' portions of GH to get that quest. You can't get into the final part until after level 40 anyway. Just be prepared that the rewards and XP, until you get to Wintertusk (if you choose to go), and pathetically low.

Nov 26, 2011
Grizzleheim: 35+

WinterTusk: 48+ (Enemies can be VERY hard but the exp is worth it)

Victoria/Jasmine FireBlade/Jessica SparkleGem