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What do I do next?

Sep 05, 2010
Ok everyone, I have a question. My brain is like fried from trying to figure out what I am suppose to be doing next. I completed Grizzleheim, and when I did, the guy told me to go back to my homeland because they needed my help there, and then when I get back to my homeland, I have absolutely no quest for any place! I don't know where to go to get any quests or nothing! HELP PLEASE!!!! I have a serious headache right now trying to figure this out. Everytime I ask someone they just keep walking, or they tell me they don't know!!

May 27, 2009
Well, without more information about your wizard, your level, where you left off when you started Grizzleheim, etc., we aren't going to be much help. Were you in Mooshu? Dragonspyre? Celestia? Have you checked with your teacher? Merle Ambrose?

Are you Level 60? In which case, you could be totally done with quests like many other Legendary wizards.

Oct 15, 2010
if youre like most people, you did krok until level 20 then went to gh. now go back to krok and resume youre quests. hope this helps.

Dec 16, 2009
Hmm.. You say you finished Grizzleheim? I would say your level is 38 - 45, because to fight Jotun, you need to be like, lvl 40. So, check Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonsypre...

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