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weapons cache in merkholm keep

Mar 09, 2009
I've tried three different times to clear the quest with the weapons. Nothing comes up and we can not go forward. Could someone tell me if we have to fight so many times or is there a glitch in the weapons cache? :x

This is a known issue we are working on, thanks though!

We're working hard to get this fixed, but other players have had success by simply changing Realms until they found one they could interact with.

To change Realms, press Esc and choose the last tab on the top - there you can select a Realm to change to.

May 25, 2009
this is still a bugg? i play two characters at sametime both have done the same things and at sametimes , one had no problem getting the weapons cache other it wont let me interact with it and i have swapped realms multiple times with no luck, i cant even drop the task and redo it, just an idea but could it be that since both did the fight you get key from ,that first one to interact used the key and it didnt give a key to both characters? i have noticed that on the collect tasks in this world both dont get an item everytime sometimes one gets one doesnt. i have had to catch one up to the other on the collect tasks many times.and as i said i play both togeather they get same kills at same time

Mar 01, 2009
Same problem happened to me, and it's really annoying. I tried changing realms like a million times, logging out completely, and fighting him three more times. Please fix it soon, we can't go on. :]

May 28, 2009
i found that when i unequipped my pet while standing next to the weapons cache it then allowed me to click on the cache.