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Unfairness in boss battle

May 20, 2009
I must protest rather strongly
While trying to defeat Gunnar so I can gain entry into see Ivar (I need to obtain the "History of Grizzleheim" ) from his cabin, Gunnar and his bodyguards gang up on me so it is 4 to 1 battle against me. I say FOUL and UNFAIR advantage on KI part. Something must be done. When a ice wizard at lvl 36 and has 2340 life points and cannot even defeat a monster with 1500 life points, it makes one stop and think that perhaps the game is rigged in some instances and it doesn't want the wizard to win. Such is the case with Nimah the Wicked. She has 2k like pts and I am still unable to defeat her at my current lvl plus it is a solo dungeon only for ice wizards so I'm not allowed any help. Can something be done to correct these discrepancies?