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to high or low to start gh on my storm

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
hiya on my storm i decided to wait till my storm had a aoe spell before starting gh
now she is lvl 28 or 29 i dont remember
and she hasnt even went to gh at all

so should she start gh now or later

Jul 03, 2010
Agreed the higher you are to start GH the better it will go but I usually try to start the first area around level 25 and bounce back and forth - my goal is to get to the end of the 3 first areas by level 40 then return around level 45 or so with help for the Jotun fight so I can enter Ravenscar. Once in Ravenscar I try to get that completed by level 50 so I can enter Wintertusk - just the beginning parts and return there around level 55 and do the main story line till level 58 for the school pet. Experience in GH is very low so you won't really level well there so must do that with your regular questing.