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Tips For Defeating Jotun!

Nov 04, 2010
Hello! I have some tips for Jotun, a hard boss for some, pie for others!

1. Get A Crew! I recommend friends from level 33- 60. I also recommend at least 1 person helping you. Do NOT solo this dungeon.

2. Get The Right Deck! Oh? Whats that you say? deck sorting is for pvp? WRONG! Jotun is storm so he can hit hard. Ullik and Grettir are life and death, Grettir can heal. If you are life, death, or storm, get converts.

3. Warrens! Helgrind Warren- To get rid of Ullik in the battle of Jotun, complete this dungeon! I recommend 3 players to do it. Winterdeep Warren- To get Rid of Grettir in the battle of Jotun, do this dungeon! i recommend at least 2 players in here.

4. Gear! Isn't it fun to make HIGH hits? Get the right gear with the right boost and resist! Jotun has 9,000 health, and his brothers have 8,000. And remember. ITS NOT BAD TO FEINT IN BATTLE! (XD)

5. Ready?! Now, your ready to fight Jotun and his bros. (if you didn't read #3!) Good luck, and happy battles! (XD again!)

I will have a Coven guide up next!
Hope this helps!

Chase Nightbreath, Level 60 Pyromancer
Savior Of ALL Of Grizzleheim (Counting Wintertusk)