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The Coven Bosses in Ravenscar

Apr 18, 2009
Alright Wizard101, what in the world is going on!!!! I am seriously p'od right now. My roommate and I played through grizzleheim together, we made it to Ravenscar and are fighting against The Coven, the four rank 7 boss battle. As if duo'ing these bosses wasn't practically impossible in the first place. We have fought against them seven, SEVEN!!!, times and we are not getting credit for killing them. What is the deal!? Aaarrgh!

Two very disgruntled Wizard 101 players.

May 19, 2009
well if either of you died then ported back, you will not get credit for beating them.

May 21, 2008
I duo-ed this with a friend, using the strategy that if one of us died, we simply ported back to the other to rejoin the battle. If you did this too, there's a catch--the quest is to kill the storm boss Othin, not the other bosses. That means that if you killed the storm boss first, died, then rejoined, it doesn't matter if you kill the other 3, you're not getting credit for killing Othin. Solution? Kill Othin last, and MAKE SURE you're both back in the battle (don't kill him while your buddy's out refilling mana) when he dies. You will then get credit. Hope this is clear!

This applies to ALL boss battles in W101, not just the Coven bosses.