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Talk to Ivan in Frostholm???

Jun 21, 2009
I have a quest to talk to Ivan in Frostholm, but I cannot find frostholm! Why do we seem to get quests that we cannot pursue??

And....I wish we could delete a quest if we want to. I for the life of me cannot even get to the evil Dr cat guy in Marleybone, never mind beating it. Those gearheads are insane, there is no way to get by them what so ever. How the heck am i supposed to finish this quest when I cant get there??? EVER!!!!!


Mar 08, 2009
I am not at frostholm yet, but I can help you with Meowiarty, that's his name. You DO NOT have to beat them all at once. There are two methods I know of:

1. If you have a friend higher up in the mountain, you can teleport to him/her and help said friend. Or:

2. If you happen to lose to any monster, you will be warped back to regents square, but your progress will not reset. This gives you time to go to newgate prison or somewhere and regain you health. Then warp back to regents square and head back into big ben. If you did it fast enough, your progress will not reset. That is how I beat Marleybone.

Jun 29, 2009
Frostholm is located near the entrance of Vigrid Roughland. As soon as you enter the area and see Egil Axebearer, turn left and follow the path until you see the cave ahead. Hope that helps.

Jun 09, 2009
frostholm is in vigrid roughland. just get there then just look at your map and follow the path that leads to frostholm. ive been there like 20 times and i finally beat it.

jacob boomwalker lvl39 ice