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spells connected to Grizzelhime

May 31, 2009
Since Grizzelhime was not mandatory to do as part of the main game then why do I have to go there to get my spell? I have no spiral key to Grizzelhime, I had to go get one then when I got there I couldnt finish the spell quest. So guess I wasted my time?
You should have told players Grizzelhime was a required realm to do if you were going to connect main game play to it. This is another reason I wont be playing celecia in real game cause i wont be able to get my spell. I am glad i saw this in test before i went and tried the real game of Celicia. Now I know I will end up blocked from that spell so might as well not try.
I just dont get it, how you can say Grizzelhime was not a required realm as it was not part of the main game, and yet turn around and connect spell quests to Grizzelhime, first place how do we get there, no spiral key, and once we do get there we cant get into the place we need to be, will we have to play all Grizzelhime to get the spell? I am very dissapointed.....ending my play as of today

May 27, 2009
Why don't you want to play Grizzleheim? Is it because you pay with crowns? If you are a subscriber, it should be no problem. There are quests that involve Colossus Way, which is not a required street to progress through the game, Grizzleheim is a great world, unless all you care about is the experience, which I admit you don't get a lot.

If you're going to leave, that's fine, you're entitled to do so, but in Test there should be plenty of crowns to buy the world, and it doesn't take that long to go through the main story line if you are already a Grandmaster. I would say give it a try before you give up.

Mar 18, 2010
In Test there are plenty of crowns. The problem is nothing from Test carries over to live. The issue then becomes some crowns players have not bought GH because it is optional. Now something that was optional has become mandatory to get their spell. They will have to buy access to GH. They may or may not be able to afford it. Then possibly they won't get their spell. I can certainly understand the frustration here.

Darkblood1 perhaps a friend could help by letting you port to them in the specific area you need. I realize that would require buying that one area.


May 02, 2010
Have to say that i think it is a good thing GH is being encouraged. Simple fact is this place has long been overlooked when some good pets and money is easy to find here. Not to mention the story and all the hard work that went into the great graphics for this place. I have also found when raising a new wizard sometimes it has better stuff for my growing wizard than where the main storyline takes me to.

Jun 01, 2010
You have to be lv 20 and a paying player to go to gh. Did I help?