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Some questions about Grizzleheim.

Apr 24, 2009
I would like to ask some questions about Grizzleheim that was probably not brought up before and they are:

1. Is there going to be housing for Grizzleheim? I see the house sign with the furniture sign and only see some furniture in the shop but no houses to buy.

2. Is there going to be more furniture to be sold in the furniture shop?

3. Is Zeke going to be selling anything in Grizzleheim or he just there for the yardbird quest?

4. Is Eloise going to return to sell things? I saw her on test realm early but saw she was taken out towards the end of test.

5. Is there going to be higher level gear sold in the shops like in the other shops through the spiral?

6. Is there going to be necklaces sold? Again I see the sign and no necklaces.

7. Last Question: Are there going to be pets sold in Grizzleheim? I saw the signs at the beginning of test and saw the signs gone towards the end of test.

I hope that someone from KI can answer these questions because I am sure that enquiring minds want to know.

Apr 25, 2009
Oh my gosh!!! i totally agree.I LOVE houseing(royal estate) and i wish there was some higher level things too.I also think Zeke would be good to start selling too.I would rather have had KI taken 1 more week to open Grizzlehelm then it to be Incompleate.
Wolf-level 31 storm/myth.

May 03, 2009
The housing is awesome to decorate and now it's cool to actually have some real use with crafting. I hope to see housing become an even more important piece of the game other then a place to put stuff in and decorate. My wife feels that housing is a waste of time and money, I can see her point even though I enjoy the option. I ask to make the housing piece do more for the game itself, I want to show my wife that housing can be cool and worth the loads of gold you plug into it.

Nov 07, 2008
Mar 18, 2009
how do you get new areas I'm stuck in savvasard pass and I did all the Quests please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 14, 2009
k first to get to ravaenscar beat the nivdeller, to advanace
lvl and world up come back bjorn later, and id LOVEhouseing