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Solution for Gh difficulty and Exp problem

Feb 24, 2009
Ok, so most of you have been annoyed by the little to no exp in grizzleheim right? I know, I know, Wintertusk has increased, but I personally was ok with little exp because I went to complete Grizzleheim at lvl 60.
For the Difficulty, I would suggest that you are lvl 48 or higher. This is because of jotun.
If your impatient and just want to complete Grizzleheim, I would suggest these levels:
Fire: level 22
Ice: level 26
Storm: level 28
Balance: level 25
Death: level 28
Myth: level 22
Life: level 26
Why did I pick these levels? This is because of the spells you learn. I picked the level where they get their first AOE (attack all enemies). Fire is meteor strike, ice is blizzard, storm is tempest, balance is elemental and spirit blade + trap, Death is animate, myth is humongo frog, and life and satyr.
But when you are going to hall of valor for jotun, and your below level 42, it will be a pain!!!! Jotun has 9,000 health, 1,000 less than malistaire, along with 2 other bosses, which have 8,000 health (or 8,500? not sure). And just for fun, a minion with 1,050 HP. It took me over a half an hour to complete this fight.
hope i helped

Apr 30, 2010
I completed Grizzleheim at level 59. The only reason why was because my son wanted to finish it and he needed my help. My other wizards have not done it yet and probably won't until I feel like doing winterusk.