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Skabrok Boss Tough on Storm

Feb 27, 2009
Skabrok, the boss for the quest: The Runedown, is really tough for me.

1. I'm a , meaning prisms are a big thing for me in that battle

2. His wild bolt is what I call the 1000 bolt now, 2000 if it critical s

3.Your Health and Accuracy is not favored as a Storm, make a 8,470 boss of the same school will just shoot me down like a WWI fighter plane.

If anyone who reads this has any advice, please leave a comment below, in the mean time, i gotta see if luck will see if storm lord won't hit me on round one.

Marcus Suncrafter, level 65

Aug 15, 2012
You can use myth minions (Talos treasure card), or use a life minion. If all else fails, you can use henchmen if you have crowns.
Neela Lotusflower

Aug 15, 2012
Ok, pack plenty of dispels, you do have a storm shield for free, so keep blading after you put the dispel on, put shields up, don't forget healing spells, and plenty of prisms. Stack up for a great triton attack. don't worry about the hex he puts on you, just put a storm shield, and then heal. then stack more blades

hope this helps.

"Ice is delicate and beautiful, but can be fierce and deadly"

Angel lvl 85
and others

Sep 17, 2012
Go to the Bazaar and get Eureka Coif hat, Pandamonium Platemail robe, and Eureka Wraps boots. These will give you a +64% attack, +15% accuracy, +40 Critical and most importantly a +72 Storm resist. This setup is a must have for Storm on Storm bosses at your level until you can craft better boots. All of those items are very common gear in the Bazaar, and they are all level 56-58 gear. Pack plenty of prisms.