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Sixth Yardbird Mirkholm Keep

May 23, 2009
Well, I have read every topic about the Yardbirds. I have looked all over the cave areas. I found the one in the storage area accross from the shelves that you set on fire with the torch. I have looked all around the Grendel Wortlings ( AKA the morphed Furbies ) and I still can not find it.

If anyone would please help me out with specific directions I would greatly Appreciate it! I know about the teleport stone that takes you near Herkir. I just can not seem to find that other Yardbird in these caves.


Angela Soulward
Megas Healer/Storm Level 35

Jul 06, 2009
ok, just relax, some of these are kinda difficult, wait till the stone roses come up, anyway, sometimes the birds will be in obscure places, like a tunnel that leads to nowhere, or behind some table or obstacle after a dungeon battle, i know it can be frustrating , look especially close in dungeons so you wont have to go back and do it all over again. if noy found try some paths that you may have overlooked , thats where i found mine. some of them, Thanks