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Feb 06, 2009
I kinda ignored Grizzleheim until I was done with the last quest and now I dont know what quest I am on since there are sidequests and such. I know I talked to headmaster Ambrose, I already looked at Bjorn Ironclaws. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Jan 01, 2010
Not sure what you mean by last quest, but at anyrate, GH is like the other worlds with specific "sections". Actually, the sections are even more separate than the other worlds as I don't think you ever have to go between sections like you do in MB. Also, there aren't a lot of side quests in GH. So, just go to each area and work them individually. Start with Staavasard Pass (sp?). Hope that helps and if not, please let us know what you need.

May 27, 2009
What level are you? Depending on your level, you could still have to finish Savarstaad Pass, or you may have already talked to Bjorn Ironclaws and need to see what's happening in the Vigrid Roughlands. If you have NO Quests in your book from Grizzleheim, I'd have to say go back to Merle Ambrose, because he summons you again at level 25 after you complete the level 20 area (Savarstaad Pass).