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Quest: Trade Voyage - cannot complete. bug?

May 20, 2009
I have an old quest from Baldar Goldpaws (when Grizzleheim was being introduced as new world) called "Trade Voyage". I am suppose to talk to Vidar Silverthread, Thrain Stormfriend, and Dain Goldwright. However, when I do talk to any of them, nothing happens.

This has been true for long while. I've been ignoring it. But it's annoying to keep seeing this quest, which I cannot complete. Is this a bug?

Jul 06, 2010
You have to make the voyage to grizzleheim from old town for that quest, since that Grizzleheim is a different instance (with no enemies or quests) than the Grizzleheim you go to through the spiral (with enemies and quests).
Think of it like a dungeon you don't have to fight in. :-P

May 20, 2009
That is a great explanation!
Many thanks!!

It was not obvious, that it was an new instance (like a dungeon). So when I toke the boat from olde town to grizzleheim, then I could complete the quest. Even less obvious, you can't use the boat after the quest is complete.