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power link

Dec 17, 2009
ok , my first post in awhile. Let me start by saying that I LOVE wintertusk, the scenery is beautiful, the street monster aren't that hard ( mostly because i'm fire and most of them are ice), the music is good too. Anyway, the spell power link I havent gotten yet. I've visited both professer Falma, and Erik WyrdRune, but neither of them have a quest for me. My friend Blake, told me that Erik gives the quest, but as i've already ,he has no quest for me. Is there a quest i'm missing? I already have fuel, so can someone tell me what i'm missing?

Jasmine Icecrafter, [color=white]legendary pyro, Nordic Champion and grandmaster artisian

May 10, 2010
Have you finished Wintertusk? or at least the quest Norderlund Exposure?

You must complete that quest first, then go back to Wizard City and see Baldur in Olde Town...