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Now or Later???

Aug 30, 2009
I was wondering if i should delay and do GH when i am stronger or get the 1st area overwith?

p.s. this guy i just started is at 24 so i might wait untill 26 for spectral blast XD

-Christo Mythspear 95/ Blaine Dragonhaven 24

Jun 17, 2011
It is totally worth it. The sooner you start it the further you'll get. You want to arrive in nodrilund before you are level 58 because you get a teacher quest to receive your 58 pet. I decided to do it later, and I forgot about it and my other wizards all got their pets and I didn't. So I googled this and found out I would have to beat nearly all of grizzleheim in a couple of weeks.If I wanted that pet soon. So DO NOT skip over it "for now" do it as soon as you can, you may die but never give up.