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Nice Distraction

May 15, 2009
I wanted to tell you what I liked about Wintertusk, as well as what I disliked:
1.Continuation of the Grizzleheim storyline
2.The distraction jist of it, a sub world that takes a while and makes you have to really work at to finish, it takes a while but gives us time to do something while you work.
3.The titan idea, making another titan, Ymir, continuing the whole "Mad for Power" Malistaire idea with the dragon titan.
4.New raven figures
5.High HP enemies, a challenge without enemies cheating
1.Criticals, it makes it so you almost always have to get Waterworks Armor, summon a minion, buy a henchman, or have help
2.New spells, they're pretty much just upgrades on other spells
3.No "commons" area in Wintertusk, so you always have to go back to northguard to get a potion.
4.Vendors in the combat areas
5.Final boss, the four brothers, it's like they don't even cheat, all you have to do is get a couple good forest lords in to win.