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New Quests in Grizzleheim

Dec 06, 2009
Yes, we have all heard the levels to be able to do new quests. I am a level 36 pyromancer. I rescued Ivar at level 32. I have talked to Bjorn and he says I need to see the king, but the door wont open. I have gone through the entire world to see if there is anyone different to talk to but I cant get the second quest in Grizzleheim. I think its called "Full Grizzle Jacket" This forum, as well as wizard central BOTH say that based on my level I should be able to see the story line. NOT TRUE. I have completed ALL of Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Marleybone. I just opened up Moo Shu. When I say ALL I mean ALL. The main story line as well as the side lines that come up. i have found all the smiths, beetles, cats, all the books in those worlds. I understand that I could move on to Moo Shu, but I would like to work on Grizzlehaim. So are we being dismissed because of the complicated nature of grizzleheim being a parallel world, or could there actually be a bug/ technical issue that needs to be fixed. from the looks of it I think there are more than just myself having problems with it.