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New Grizzleheim NPCs?

May 30, 2009
While I was exploring Savarstaad Pass after the advanced pets update, I noticed there were some treant NPCs around. Kingsisle, I'm curious. Why are these new Grizzleheim NPCs here? Do they give quests, or are they just there for decoration just like Grumlik in Nidavelir?

Mar 10, 2009
I saw him too bubble. An oakheart looking npc named Wildbranch if memory serves over by webwood. My guess is he is an early prep for more quests coming or the new schools in late summer? Idk but right now he's about as useful as Sir Reginald Baxby lol

Dec 10, 2009
Interesting how the new NPCs seem to be concentrated in Grizzleheim. I remember seeing a fisher-bear and another new bear near him in Northguard.

I suspect that Grizzleheim is where the portal to Celestia will be. There are two gates in Nidavellir that are perfect for this because it is near the sea.