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New Grizzleheim Houses

Sep 20, 2008
Ok. I was just looking through the new houses, and they are seriously unbalanced. On one hand, you have some tiny cottage with barely anything there, and on the other hand, you have soe full blown fort. Now I realize that the large house has many requirements to get it, but I feel that they are a problem. Its extremely hard to finish even the Dragonspyre crafting quest, let alone gather all the ingredients and money to obtain the items for the large house. My ideas are that you could make the large one available for purchase, but for a large amount of crowns, say 60,000 of them. Another idea is to make some crafting ingredients be more easily obtained so it could be more possible to get. Also, while I am talking about the houses, I'd like to bring up the housing limit. I have a Storm house, a Fire house, and the large Dragonspyre house, and I don't want to dispose of any, but I want a Grizzleheim house. I figure the limit could be raised to 5, perhaps when Celestia is released, since there will no doubt be accompanying houses for there. I am certain that many people will agree with this and if you do, I would like a message of support and perhaps an idea to improve this. And as one last note, I was thinking of having interactive housing items, like being able to use certain items in a manner fitting to the item. Please respond.

James Starblade, Level 43 Pyromancer.

Aug 23, 2009
Seriously, there is a reason that the Watchtower Hall is a craft only, aside from the challenge of getting all the ingredients-I'm only half way myself-it has a prestige factor of accomplishment; something that seems to be sapped out of this game with crowns buy most stuff. Who would want or could realistically afford a 60,000 crown house? Really, you want to pay $60-$80 for a house, that is enough for a year's membership. There should be some things that are only obtained through hard work, and Watchtower Hall is one of them.