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Need to teleport into Nidavellir

Nov 18, 2010
Currently level 58 Death, I'm doing the spell quest and to finish off I must go into Nidavellir. I've skipped the whole Grizzleheim storyline since it's very time consuming (and low exp), and considered maybe doing it just for Wintertusk later (I'm interested to continue Celestia and then Zafaria while I can). The only thing I need from Wintertusk is just exp, since the gear I've already crafted on my other wizard and transferred to this one. Long story short, I really don't want to do Grizzleheim.

So, I assume it's not a very rare request... would anyone mind helping me by letting me teleport to him/her in Nidavellir?

Thanks :)

Jan 04, 2018
I am a level 65 and also need to get there. I skipped Grizzleheim because this is not my first Wizard and thus have not completed the necessary quests. If you find someone to help you, please let me know! Alternatively, Grizzleheim and Wintertusk are fun to play, and relatively easy if you want to play through them to level up your Wizard and get to your current quest the old fashioned way.

Hannah Stormsong lvl65

Jul 18, 2010
The spell you are currently working on is Skeletal Dragon, so no it is not a rare quest but I MUST encourage you do Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. You are unable to progress certain spells unless you do both, these being Dark Pact, Virulent Plague, and Bad Juju.

These spells are all after doing those: To get Dark Pact you have to do grizzleheim, to get Virulent Plague you have to do Winter Tusk and HAVE Dark Pact, and to get Bad Juju you have to have Virulent Plague. Doing both now will help you with EXP more as well, and get you to a higher level quicker.

But if you really insist, head for Wizard City Commons. People there are usually quick to help with things.
Good Luck!

- Daniel ShadowHeart 92