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Need help with dead ends

Jul 25, 2009
Hello im level 31 and in grizlehime i did all the quests but the one quest halm sweet halm its stuck after i beat it my arrow disapeared and it is still saying i need to be it. I cant go forword is there any way i can fix this. The same thing in the quest the betrayer in krockatopea i go to were my arrow is pointing and no one is there. I allready took the poisen and druged the food so i cant go on i hope this can be fixed. HELP

Jul 19, 2009
I am stuck also in Grizzelhelm and Krokotopia in the same places. I can't go further and I know there are places I have not been able to access yet.

Sep 09, 2009
Quest arrrow dissapearing: Check your options menu, it sometime turns the quest arrow help to the off state.

Krokotopia: Ignore the quest arrow, use your map. Look for the boss on the map, upper right hand corner. Same in Grizleheim, sometimes the quest
arrow is misleading, always check the map for bosses, items, npc locations.