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Nast Bug!

Dec 31, 2012
Hi i have encountered a really strange bug. So i went to grizzleheim and i wanted to talk to Torald Wayfinder To check out some of the crafting items. I directly went to furniture items and as i pressed the very last item on the list ( i think it was a kitchen wall hang ) but after i clicked it all the options dissapeared and turned into gray and tan boxes where the exit option and such might be ( only thing that stayed normal was the picture of the item ) So the only thing i could do was click friends options behind the window and only the list stayed normal so i had to click a friend and port and since the pop up box for porting was also messed up i had to port not knowing where i was going. After that everything went back to normal. This happens everytime i click that specific wall hang. I would especially like Help from a Kingsisle support member. Thank you
Natalie Willowbloom level 23