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My GH quest vanished...

Dec 12, 2008
I was lvl 27 when started the quests in GH with a friend lvl 45 who didn't make GH.
At one point been sent to the first NOC in Mirkholm Keep with some quest.
Since I just lvl'ed I decided to go forst to train the pet and then to port to my friend and so I did.
But after I ported, surprise, he could take quests while mine vanished.
I have just the one with the books and the one with the birds.
Is there any lvl restriction?
Also didn't start anything yet in Marleybone. Is any connection?
Thank you for your time, hopefully I get some answer cause is weird how my quest "talk to"... whoever is the first NPC in Mirkholm Keep just vanished from my book.

May 27, 2009
There is no connection between quests in Marleybone and quests in Grizzleheim. I think you maybe need to be level 30 to enter Mirkholm Keep. If you finished Vigrid Roughland, you get sent back to Bjorn Ironclaws, but he tells you to come back later.

Can you enter Mirkholm Keep? Or do you need to port to your friend to get access? If so, you will need to do some other quests to level up to 30.

Dec 12, 2008
Thank you for your reply,

I coudn't get into the area but I was porting to my friend so realised later that I was not allowed in.
Anyway, meanwhile I leveled to 30 and the headmaster called me and sent me back to GH.
Thank you one more time for taking your time to answer me.