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Missing pieces

Nov 16, 2017
My fire wizard took the jump from level 33 to level 50. It's been fun, but I think I missed something. Around level 55 I was notified that Goldpaws would be contacting me for a new spell. On my way back from my daily assignment on Triton avenue I stopped to talk to Goldpaws and he told me to enter Grizzlehiem and talk to - can't remember his name. He gave me three quests. The first one I should've been doing my first time through - all the books - Lore of the Runes. 2. Lore from a Stone and 3. The Runedown. Being who I am I tried to go straight to Shorloks (?) cave and was blocked out. Studying Wiki it became apparent I would have to backtrack and find, or fight for, all the books. Having played through Mirkholm already none of the people will talk to me to tell me where to go. I got into Ravenscar but no one there will talk to me either. Clearly I have questing to catch up on that leads me into Ravenscar etc. but I can't figure out which prequest I should be looking at. I left off when I came out of Mirkholm and was told I should go back home for a break. Can someone point me in the right direction? I love that I could jump forward but to get my next spell I have homework. Thank you for the help

Sydney Skyblood lvl 55 Fire

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You have a main questline for Wintertusk. It will show an entrance to an ice cave. The quest dialog will show that you're supposed to retrieve a shovel. You will have to fight two bosses to get the ice barrier in Sudriland down. Next, continue to follow the main questline until you get access to Sudri's throne. Skabrok's cave is nearby.


Be warned: Skabrok is a Storm boss and he's a real stinker of a challenge. It's a battle you will have to do solo. Take shields to protect yourself from his critical Wild Bolts.

Once you defeat Skabrok, then go back to Erik Wyrdrune in Northgard and he'll give you the "Insane Bolt" spell.

Alia Misthaven